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Security Team always prefer Azure Private Link service for better security

Today we will understand what is private link and how to use it. Azure Private Link enables you to access Azure PaaS Services and Azure hosted customer-owned applications over a private endpoint in your virtual network. Traffic between your virtual network and the service travels the Microsoft backbone network. Communication is one way. At time, […]


How GCP Private Service Connect is a better option than VPN or VPC peering

Today we will see how consumer applications connect to producer service via Private Service connect. With this service, consumers connect with producers on Private IP between two different VPCs of the same project or different projects. It does not leave GCP Backbone Network so it is highly secure and Infosec recommended options rather going with […]


Enable MFA with DUO Security

Duo provides an additional layer of security to your application, services or websites. After successful password level authentication, you simply approve a secondary authentication request either by Duo Mobile app, SMS, and Phone call. To start with, you need to browse and provide details as mentioned below. If you are representing a company, provide […]