Introducing a new world of self-learning

I have prepared a youtube channel with the name “@MultiCloudSagar“. Through this channel, I am covering different services of the cloud.

Major categories are mentioned below to start with.

aws series

AWS – With hands-on experience, I prepared a long list of services. This is playlist link that contains

  • Global infrastructure
  • EC2 instance
  • EBS
  • IAM
  • S3
  • EFS and FSx
  • Directory Service
  • Config
  • ELB
  • CLI
  • Route 53 (Most views and likes)
  • SSO
  • AWS Workspace
azure series

Azure – Azure list mostly contains videos related to Migration, identity, and security. Other than that more videos for you. The playlist link contains

  • Azure Cognitive service (most views and likes)
  • Azure Migrate
  • Azure AD connector
  • Azure Virtual desktop
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • Service and Private endpoint
  • Public and private DNS
  • Azure File AD integration
gcp series

GCP – Covered basic services. The playlist link contains

  • Compute Service (Most views)
  • VPC
  • Firewall
  • Routing
  • Load balancer
  • CDN
multi-clouds comparison

Multi-clouds comparison: Based on experience in the services of the clouds. Created videos where i gave comparisons of one service being used in Azure, AWS and GCP. The playlist link contains

  • Directory Service (Most views)
  • Load balancer
  • File storage

Citrix: Here you will find details of Citrix architecture and uses connection flow. The link is provided here